Nina Wang"I highly recommend English Language Corp,their way of teaching is excellent and very effective. Thanks to the trainer’s competence and care for my individual needs,I was able to dramatically improve my English skills in a very short time."

Nina Wang
China Central TV 6
Producer and presenter



Now as more and more companies worldwide are demanding a higher level of proficiency in English from their employees,there is an increasing demand for high-quality and consistent English language training.


However,not many companies possess the time or resources to send essential staff overseas,away from their company duties. Many learners also feel unable to continue with their studies once they return home and consequently lose the language skills they worked hard to learn on their course.

tickELC-Corp offers English language courses at your place of work.
tickOur courses are intensive,short-term and specialised.
tickOur online coaches offer you personal attention.
tickSpecialist courses for university exams,business,aviation and maritime experts.

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